Electronic ‘pet’ could replace passwords and PINS

10:12 02 May 2008, NewScientist.com news service, Colin Barras

Portable electronic pets able to recognise their owner’s voice and walking style could replace passwords and PINs as a way to keep personal details and accounts secure, say UK researchers.

Other experts, though, say the advanced Tamagotchi plan still needs some work.

Called “biometric daemons”, they borrow a concept from Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials books, in which people are accompanied by an animal daemon that is a physical representation of their soul.

Do you write about witches in the modern world? Do want an excuse to have a talking cat? Or do you just think that familiars/robot sidekicks are the bee’s knees? Well now you can put them in your story without them being the same boring old thing. Now your characters can have biometric daemons that imprint on the character and store all the character’s personal info.

Everyone has different habits, walking styles, voices, etc. Easy to mimic one or two things about a person, but hard to mimic them all. So if you have a pet that learns your style, they will know if they are with you or not. If they are with you, they will give up the info they are storing. If not, they will die. Kinda harsh, and of course it will mean that you have to carry them around with you always and forever. And if you get them when you are young, you might be stuck with something that seemed cool at the time but later just seems lame.

Not unlike many tattoos.

But I digress.

Think of the merchandising possibilities. If your books become wildly popular, you could sell biometric daemons that match the ones used by characters in your stories. Chaching! Personally, I’m going to hold out for a R2-D2 that can also act as a PDA and cell phone. In the mean time, I’ll have to settle for this item which will make my life complete.

For more info, check out this paper on the subject.

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