Need to find a drug?

No, this is not about spam email. I’m writing a horror short story to submit to an anthology, and I needed a convenient drug for my character to OD on. But it has to have specific properties. Yay DEA!

Lots of good info on drugs in there. More useful for modern day-ish plots, but you could look at what people are taking now and extrapolate into the future, when home chemistry/biology labs will be as common as Easy-Bake ovens. Who knows what druggies will be putting into their bodies? (Hint: microscopic worms that feed on the myelin sheath that surrounds neurons.)

And if you were wondering, the drug I’m using (in my story) is OxyContin.

Winners Don’t Use Drugs. Except caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine. Just kidding. (not really.)


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