Here’s how to make an invisibility cloak – Science –

By Alan Boyle “Researchers say they are rapidly closing in on new types of materials that can throw a cloak of invisibility around objects, fulfilling a fantasy that is as old as ancient myths and as young as ‘Star Trek’ and the Harry Potter novels.

Unlike those tales of fictional invisibility, the real-life technologies usually have a catch. Nevertheless, limited forms of invisibility might be available to the military sooner than you think.”

Interesting article. The ideas are basically to take the incoming EM radiation (light, radar, etc) on one side of a “cloak” and use conduits to bend them around the object you want to hide, then let them out on the far side. That way the viewer essentially sees through the hidden object. Right now, you can’t be moving for it to work, and it is easier to see radar invisibility happening before visible light, but hey, that’s now. What about in 75 years? I may have to rethink my next SF story…

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