Report: Face Transplant Patient Goes Out – Yahoo! News

Report: Face Transplant Patient Goes Out – Yahoo! News

PARIS – The woman who received a new nose, chin and mouth in a groundbreaking transplant operation in November has taken strolls in public without drawing stares, her surgeon said in an interview published Wednesday.

The world’s first partial face transplant patient is doing well and is focused on the future — the prospect of returning home from the hospital and restarting normal life, Dr. Bernard Devauchelle told Le Courrier Picard, a regional newspaper in northern France. Because of privacy laws, the woman can be identified only as Isabelle.

The 38-year-old divorced mother of two received her new features from a brain-dead donor on Nov. 27. She was mauled by her pet Labrador last year, leaving her with severe injuries that her doctors said made it difficult for her to speak and eat.

Wow, that’s pretty wild that you can transplant a face. It brings up all sorts of questions about what distinguishes one person from another. Increasingly it isn’t physical. It’s all about the mind (or soul if you hold certain beliefs). That just goes to show all the racicsts out there how wrong they are. Richard Morgan has a book where people’s consciousness can be uploaded from one body and downloaded in another. The body is just a “sleeve”. Perhaps it will come true one day…

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