Scientists say magnet therapy is a waste of money – Yahoo! News

Scientists say magnet therapy is a waste of money – Yahoo! News

LONDON (Reuters) – The use of magnetic devices to cure a variety of ills has soared in recent years but there is no evidence they work, according to an editorial in the British Medical Journal.

The market for magnetic bracelets, knee pads and the like may now be worth about one billion dollars a year, but two American scientists argue in the journal on Friday that many people are being fooled as to their therapeutic benefits.

“Money spent on expensive and unproved magnet therapy might be better spent on evidence-based medicine,” professors Leonard Finegold and Bruce Flamm wrote.

They said the many studies that purport to show magnets do work are suspect because a magnet’s main characteristic — to be attracted or repelled by metals — would betray it compared with placebos.

But they said magnet wearers may feel better even if there is no supporting evidence.

“Perhaps subjects with magnetic bracelets subconsciously detected a tiny drag when the bracelets were near ferromagnetic surfaces (which are ubiquitous in modern life), and this distracted or otherwise influenced the perceived pain.”

Hold on, did they say one billion dollers per year? Man, and when I did malaria biomagnetic research, everyone worried that we would be doing damage by putting people in magnetic fields. I may have to add MagnaSpa’s to my biotech thriller. Templeton Pierce can sneer derisively at them.

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