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Team Led By UCSC’s Haussler to Reconstruct Whole Genome of Distant Mammalian Ancestor
By Bernadette Toner, BioInform editor

COLD SPRING HARBOR, NY, Oct. 31 (GenomeWeb News) – It’s technically possible to computationally reconstruct the genome of the ancestor of all placental mammals, according to David Haussler of the University of California, Santa Cruz, who is spearheading a collaborative effort to deliver the assembly of such a genome to the research community.

Haussler, a professor of biomolecular engineering at UCSC, said that an effort to “reconstruct the evolutionary history of each base in the human genome” from the time of the so-called Boreoeutherian ancestor, which lived around 75 million years ago, is “the grand challenge of human molecular evolution.”

I see a lab in a remote location. I see scientists creating the ancient DNA sequences. I see artificial wombs. I see a theme park with protobeings living as they must have. I see things running amok. Oh wait, it’s been done.

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