Heart Auscultation and Sound Processing

Heart Auscultation and Sound Processing: “Our Mission

To become the leading provider of non-invasive sound-based software diagnosis tools for the early detection of heart diseases. Our company’s philosophy is that early detection requires instant availability of testing tools, intrinsic ability to detect weak signs of silent diseases, safety and simplicity of interpretations.”


Non-invasive medical testing is totally science fiction. Of course, like all new technology, it could also be used for evil. I’m thinking as a novelist of course, so having these ideas don’t make me distubed. The voices in my head do that (just kidding…they’re completely harmless).

Imagine a world (fictional) where Big Brother remotely monitors your heart rate to spot when you lie. Or maybe samething nicer-a gym with an AI trainer that monitors your heart rate and automatically adjusts your workout as you exercise?


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